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EXANTE and SEC: you should know this

28 августа 2020
4 мин.
EXANTE and SEC: you should know this

A stock exchange broker is a participant in stock trading that provides intermediary services to customers for the execution of stock exchange transactions. For its clients, a broker performs all the necessary procedures required to participate in stock trading.

A stock exchange broker can independently conclude transactions:

  • On behalf of its client and at its expense (under the contract concluded);
  • On its own behalf and at the expense of the client (under the concluded agreement);
  • On behalf of the client and at his own expense.

The broker's relations with the stock exchange are regulated by the stock exchange service agreement. The relations of the stock broker with its clients are regulated by other bilateral agreements. Keep viewing this EXANTE broker review to figure out more on the subject.

The main functions of a stock broker:

  • The intermediation in making stock exchange transactions by accepting market orders from clients;
  • The representation of the interests of the client by conducting stock exchange transactions on his behalf;
  • Consulting a client on issues related to the execution of stock exchange transactions, including on the quality and properties of assets traded on the stock exchange;
  • Reporting on transactions, provision of agreements for registration by the stock exchange.

When working with stock exchange brokers providing trust management services for your assets, you have the opportunity to trade stocks without being distracted from your main activity. In this case, skilled specialists make transactions for you, doing this with the maximum benefit for you. After all, the more you earn, the greater commission will be earned by the broker. Moreover, each broker values ​​his reputation. So, you can be assured that transactions will be carried out with the maximum benefit for you. However, keep in mind that no matter how competent the traders who take control of your money, no one will provide you with guarantees of profit. However, if you stick with the EXANTE broker,

How to become a successful trader

Certainly, as a novice trader, you are eager to know how some investors become so exceptionally successful. There are many ways to become a successful trader. However, there are some common things you need to adhere to if you want to gain success in this field.

First of all, you need to set an adequate goal. The main goal of an average trader is to maximize profits from his trading operations. If a trader trades stocks in the stock market, he simply needs to know the market, constantly monitor its trends, and also learn to predict the dynamics of quotes.

Success in trading operations is 95% dependent on an objective assessment of the strong and weak points of your psychology. Besides this, you also require some basic knowledge of stock trading and certainly experience.

In order to become a successful trader, you need to learn to use only your strengths in your work and develop the habit of avoiding your downsides. Furthermore, you should always be ready for adaptation to the market, since it’s very volatile and there are movements that a successful trader needs to notice on time. A trader should constantly educate himself. If you are ready to seriously study, then you will certainly achieve success. To become a successful trader, you need to study the theory, observe changes in the market on a regular basis, take various training courses. Traders who do not want to devote enough time to training, but immediately start trading on the stock exchange, will be in a less advantageous position. Respectively, they will lose more often than traders who devote enough time to their education.

Another important nuance is the capability of controlling emotions. Psychologists have conducted deep research related to the expression of emotions in business and, in particular, in trading in stock trading. As a matter of fact, successful traders do not have a long euphoria because of a profitable transaction. Additionally, they aren’t exposed to  severe depression due to a failure. On the contrary, successful traders are good at controlling their emotions. So, to become a successful trader, it is necessary to understand the theory and have enough practice, strictly controlling emotions and sticking with your goals.

Opt for the EXANTE brokerage company

You will not regret it if you opt for EXANTE. It’s one of the most reputable brokers on the stock market. The company provides access to 150,000 assets. It’s possible to trade any of them from a single account. So, you don’t need to create extra accounts to trade more assets.

Read more about Exante - https://exante-otzyvy.ru



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